Illegal fishing and maritime (in)security

A personal academic blog on my PhD research journey on the subject of illegal fishing-maritime security nexus in Cameroon

About me

My name is Maurice Beseng, a PhD student studying @ctpsr_Coventry. I’m completing a thesis on maritime security and sustainable development, hence you will see issues on the blue economy featuring very much in my writing. I’m particularly interested in illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing examining how state & non-state actors combat the phenomenon. I’m also interested in how maritime insecurity impacts on gender relations and community security.  I’ve been involved in research on gender & environmental security,  the mapping and development of sustainable flood risk management schemes. I love producing maps using GIS platform.

My research interest has evolved over the years mindful of my experience of working with coastal communities during difficult times. As there is a clear link between maritime insecurity and state security, the issue of  maritime insecurity-human security nexus is increasingly gaining attention. Hence how IUU fishing impacts on the food security and socio-economic well-being of coastal population is of particular interest to me.

This blog will explore these issues and map my research journey and I  will be open to collaborate and discover new contacts who have a passion to drive change.

Please feel free to contact me